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Price and location

Price list

60 min for 66€
90 min for 99€
120 min for 130€

Some sessions are available for people with low-income and can be booked upon special request, based on circumstances.


The sessions can take place in home studio in Möckernstraße 67, 10965 Berlin – Viktoriapark; or in the massage salon Berlin Relaxed in Nollendorfstraße 24.

In both cases, the room is set up to create a safer space for relaxation and bodywork.

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For an extra 40€, the massage can be done directly at your place, anywhere in Berlin!

Phone number

+49 157 7459 3853

Through massage, I help active people to develop their body awareness and gain vitality.

In my previous life before offering massages, I used to work in the business world in contact with people. Massage helped me recentre, find comfort within my own body, consciousness within my life, and to feel more alive.

Looking forward to sharing an experience of communication through touch with the energetic power of human hands.

I offer table massages with a meditative approach, a sensitive touch, and a loving intention. I’m working with the person to support him/her/them in dissolving tensions, keeping focused on relaxation and well-being.

How to book?


All massage sessions are available by appointment from 11 am to 10 pm depending on the day and the location. Therefore, please follow the link below to check the different locations and availabilities. Looking forward you meet you in person.

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    Request an appointment or leave a message.

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